D. J.    S E R V I C E S

D.J. Services

From Wedding Receptions to Holiday Parties, School Dances & Reunions.We can make your special day a success. It starts with a good variety of music. We've got it all from Big Band, & Oldies to today's hottest Country, Rock, & Hip Hop Music.We can customize your event with the music selections you like. If you want to add even more excitement to your special event you can Karaoke, or The Game Show.


Our hosted karaoke parties are among the best. We bring everything you need, for you to be the hit of the party. Our karaoke library has over 1500 + songs for you to sing the night away. Great for Office parties, Birthdays, Church functions, Class Reunions & Private Parties. You provide the space and we provide the fun.

The Game Show

If you like movies, secret sounds & music then you will love the Game Show. We ask trivia questions and then play live sound clips from music, movies, & much more. If you know the answer, its all up to you to beat your opponents by buzzing in first. The person with the most points win. And most of all they get bragging rights for being the winner of the game.

The Game Show Video Challenge

Ever wanted to be on a game show? Our Video Challenge system will give your guests something to talk about. Just like Jeopardy our game show comes with a complete video system to project categories with questions up on the big screen. Each question has point values, and the harder the questions the bigger the points are. Want to give The Challenge a little twist? You can add your own custom categories & questions. Great for team building & training fun.

Add a little atmosphere to your event don't forget these great items:

Dance Lights * Bubble Machines * Fog Machines * Mirror Balls * Spotlights